Yoga Burn Challenge

Yoga Burn Challenge

Yoga For A Tiny Belly


Yoga Burn for Women is a step-by-step program designed for women of all ages and abilities to reduce stress, increase happiness, lose weight, and more!

Yoga is known to have incredible effects on your mind, body, and stress levels. However, regardless of its beneficial reputation, there are countless women who go to yoga class after a yoga class but never see any results. If you are one of these women, you’re definitely not alone. Welcome to your one-stop, one click away solution: Yoga Burn for Women. Yoga Burn is a downloadable program specifically designed for women who want to see their bodies firming and tightening, chronic pain disappears, and mental clarity improves. No matter your age or ability, Yoga Burn can help you succeed in changing your body and changing your life!

In these videos, Zoe Bray Cotton, the mastermind behind the program, delivers to you over a decade of experience as a certified yoga instructor. She has tailored this body-shaping program to suit the newest of newbies through to the most practiced of yogis, so if you’re comfortable with basic poses, you are ready to jump straight into the program. However, if you’re new to yoga, or if you’re one of the many yoga-goers who attends class but isn’t really sure if you’re doing it right, start off by going through the 20 in-depth pose tutorials provided. After that, try out the slower paced quick start class, also included, that helps beginners ease into the program gradually.

Yoga Burn for Women is divided into three phases which progressively get more difficult as you improve and your body gets stronger. Phase one, called Foundational Flow teaches you basic and metabolism boosting poses. This leads to phase two, Transitional Flow, which organizes these poses into more complex sequences or routines. Lastly, the third and final phase, Mastery Flow, is where you can expect to see the physical results you’ve been looking for. This phase involves more repetition of poses, which induces muscle fatigue, which in turn promotes muscle strength and endurance.

The secret to the success of Yoga Burn for Women is a style of training called dynamic sequencing. Your body amazingly adapts and gets used to the new activity very quickly, which is what is happening when you reach a plateau. The solution to getting over this plateau stage is to challenge yourself harder. Dynamic sequencing is the careful balance of pushing harder to improve and progress without pushing too hard too fast to cause injury. This progressive training is something you only find from a specifically tailored routine, but this program has it ingrained fundamentally through its phases. If you follow the program, you will progress, which means you will see results.

With Yoga Burn, you also avoid all of the added headaches associated with attending a class at the studio. Do you stress when you’re running late and have to rush to class? Do you hate having to fight with your neighbor for a spot on the floor for your mat? Do you worry about what you look like or if other people are judging you? All of this is adding to your stress, not relieving it! Take comfort in the fact that Yoga Burn can be done with all the comforts of home at any time of the day. All the added stress of attending yoga class simply slips away.

As if this incredible program wasn’t enough on its own, there are Yoga Burn bonuses included as well. Audio classes let you bring your practice literally anywhere! All you need is a smartphone or iPod to have your session on a tranquil beach, or anytime you have during your hectic daily schedule. The options are limitless! Another added bonus is the Tranquility Flow, which is ideal for those times in life when you really need to just slow down and relax. Take a peaceful time out to center yourself, and then return revitalized. Lastly, you also receive Yoga Burn Monthly, an additional resource that encompasses several different styles of traditional yoga. Think of this as your program graduation present to help you with your practice for the rest of your life!

The only question that remains is; are you ready to see the results you’ve always wanted from a yoga program? If the answer is yes, Yoga Burn for Women is the answer you’ve been searching for. Learn more so that you buy now and have the program at your fingertips in seconds! So grab your mat and get started with this body-transforming, life-changing program!




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